29DESIRES on the stage of SFW AW 2017

Ever since its establishment on November 29, 2011 the Bulgarian fashion brand 29DESIRES has been driven by the vision of creating exclusive and luxurious evening and smart-casual apparel that matches the dynamic and demanding lifestyle of modern, fashion-conscious urban women.

Unlike other ready-to-wear brands primarily focused on quantity, we are focused on immaculate quality. In order to safeguard it we employ a boutique production model which means that all our pieces are produced in a small, traditional couture atelier. All our garments come in limited series to ensure a truly exclusive look for our clients. Our production process – from design to packaging – is 100% EU-locked.

We believe fashion is much more than a pure aesthetic process. The industry needs socially responsible leaders to send out messages of great value to the people in the world. That is the reason why in our proprietary print designs we often redefine established symbols of the world cultural heritage like the Japanese sakura, Chinese porcelain, Arabic macramé, Bulgarian rose, Thracian treasures, Mediterranean ceramics and Medieval, Renaissance and Neoclassical lifestyle, architecture and art. All these blend perfectly to communicate in a universal language, combining the charming mystery of the East and the alluring modernity of the West, giving us our own distinguished voice and message to the world.

Today 29DESIRES is a recognized online retailer and trendsetter in Bulgaria, with a strong international following. Our stylish community includes women with great taste and high standards as well as a lot of celebrity fans – popular actresses, singers, TV presenters and models.



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