Ani Dobaradjieva with a collection RUE NOIRE at SFW AW 2018

Contemporary read of an elegant men’s suit, transformed into a stylish “streetpillar” that enters the ladies’ wardrobe. The collection of 10 outsets combines this style, which combines the rigor of the suit and draws inspiration from the ladies’ everyday comfort. The concept is subordinated to combinations of different combinations of materials, deconstructive elements and accessories borrowed from the male costume. Comfortable and challenging, the “RUE NOIRE” collection fits perfectly with every lady who guides the everyday life of the big city.

The achromatic range and clear line are the starting point in the fashion collection. The predominant color is black, smoothly flowing in warm and cold gray to clear and perfectly white color Each element can be combined with a part of the rest of the collection by changing it with straps and belts that create a new silhouette.

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