“Attractors” from Ani Yotova at Sofia Fashion Week AW 2018

“Attractors” – the trajectories of internal chaos as the outer appearance of the garment.

The collection includes 10 silhouettes representing a set of different fabrics and shapes and an eclectic of styles depicting individual elements. The garments aim to reveal the beauty behind the disorder and incompleteness. There is also a mismatch between rough machining and softness of matter, between elegance and sport-industrial elements, in the spirit of the urban environment, between straight and curved lines, as well as the contrast of warm and cold and dark and light in terms of color tonality.

“Attractors” is an indisputable continuation and at the same time a different point of view of my “Strange Attractors” diploma collection (from the photographs), inspired by and exploring The Chaos Theory.

Photographer: Ioan Galabov

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