Black and white in a clear contrast and complete combination will present the Bulgarian sports brand Flair at Sofia Fashion Week AW 2018. The colors of the brand are an inspiration for the sport design of Flair, which this year creates its contrast collection “Feel the move” and adds a dose of courage with an explosion of nuances, themes and colors.

Designed for the youngest audience, the collection aims to awaken the natural passion for movement and is a kind of continuation of the active vision of the sport brand. The sense of modern style and quality in the daily set is a concept of the Bulgarian manufacturer, which imposes its high standards in the segment of sportswear and accessories on the Bulgarian and European market.

The preferred lightweight and comfortable everyday fabrics of Flair’s “Feel the Move” collection surpass the practicality and create a sense of lightness, freshness and tidal energy that remains throughout the day. The cuts are consistent with the natural urge of the bodies to move and support them in their quest to overcome their abilities.

The patterns of the collection are complemented by a combination of colors and themes to give young people freedom, choice of combinations and always a different silhouette.

For the first time on Sofia Fashion Week AW 2018 Flair will present its brand and the “Fell the move” collection is expected to launch a successful tradition.

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