Capsule Couture Collection Princess Fashion Studio AW2018 / 2019

For the first time, Fashion House Princess Fashion Studio presents a capsule collection and patterns created in a single copy. The dresses from the collection manage to realize the dreams of a modern woman who can enjoy a selection of chic clothes with modern details and feel unique

The long-standing experience of fashion designers places the woman, the princess, the star in the center of their work. This season they are inspired by women who know what they want. Modern, dynamic and fashionable, who skillfully experiment with fashion!

The patterns of the new collection are based on the sophistication of the silhouette, demonstrating vitality, eagerness and elegance. The dresses are characterized by a gentle top and a rich bottom. And this season, designers Sonya Atanasova and Silvana Danailova do not cheat on their recognizable handwriting. We see the transparent, delicate and light fabrics characteristic of the fashion house. Tulle steering wheels, skillfully combined in pastel gentle colors. We observe a blend of different tulle shades in a dress and feminine transparent shirts. Models are filled with mood, romance and joy.

We recognize another favorite technique of fashion house “Princess” – transparent fabrics, richly decorated with embroideries, stones and feathers. The right balance between nudity and disguise, splendor and taste. The accents in the collection are gently placed on fine “skin-net” tulle hand-sewn crystals, beads, sequins and feathers. The patterns bring a sense of eternal class and style, skillfully demonstrating femininity and sex appeal.

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