Christian of Roma in the world of fashion and wonders

Exquisite Prêt A Porte show will bring visitors to the SFW AW 18 in the beautiful tale of hairdressing art

Fifth season is coming, in which SFW and Christian of Roma will partner in an unforgettable week. Traditionally, the company, which is celebrating a quarter-century anniversary, besides the backstage, will also take care of the beauty feast during SFW’s autumn edition. Christian of Roma wonders Prêt A Porte show is the spectacle by which the most prominent hairdressers will surprise the audience in the last night of the Sofia Fashion Week at the end of September.

Hairdressing shows are known for each edition of SFW. Up until now, the top-stylists Alexander Filipov (Alfaparf), Vladimir Atanasov (Sexy Hair) and Asen Nalbantov  (Sexy Hair) have appeared in an unforgettable show where street fashion meets classic Haute Couture. In the subsequent spring edition of the attractive fashion forum in 2017, the co-president of the presidential wife, Lyuben Nikolov, have won the hearts of the audiences with an elegant defile, which gathered the most popular top models on one scene. In order to present his vision for the trends in the hair on the catwalk we saw Natalia Gurkova, Milena Sharkova, Iren Onteva, Louisa Grigorova and others.

A few months later, especially for the autumn edition of SFW, thanks to Christian Of Roma, Los Angeles’s top artists of L’ANZA Mat Sweeney and Gina Watkins arrived. The NYFW star, Mat Sweeney, is the winner of the most prestigious NAHA hairdressing awards. He made the spectacular Beauty Without Borders show.

Earlier this year, within the Spring SFW, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Christian Of Roma gave the only one of its kind a hairdressing mapping show for the first time in the world! The breathtaking spectacle revealed the evolution of the beauty revolution. In ChRevolution, past, present and future merged into one to unite an era in Bulgaria. The Age of Beauty!

Organizers, audiences and guests at the biggest fashion event in the capital are eagerly awaiting the surprise that the Christian Of Roma team has prepared for the autumn edition. SFW’s last night will be entirely devoted to hair fashion. “We are working on the stunning Prêt A Porte spectacle in which our show programs have developed our most prominent hairstylists. You will rediscover the world of hairstyles with the stylist who can make a formal haircut with blindfolded eyes. You will enjoy the hair trends of our hairdressers, who have subdued world scenes with their talents. For the moment, we will keep it secret, but we can proudly reveal that the team of Alfaparf, Bulgaria, led by Alexander Filipov, will take care of the blinding vision of all the models we will see on the prestigious stage in the hall EFE Hotel Marinela! “- shared Christian Of Roma.

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