The biggest forum SFW A/W17 starst with fashion and ends with hairstyles

NYFW and Milano Fashion Week meet at Sofia Fashion Week

Top brands, partners of the world’s largest fashion forums are part of one of the most anticipated events in the world of the grace and beauty.

The winner of the most prestigious NAHA hairstyling award, with a unique show within the fashion week. Matt Sweeney will present his hair show “Beauty Without Borders” in Sofia, a few days after his appearance in Las Vegas.

Matt Sweeney is the creative director of L`Anza, the latest brand in the portfolio of Christian Of Roma. If passion is in the blood, Mat Sweeney carries the love of hair from his birth. He is a stylist and graduate of the prestigious Aveda Hairstyling Institute of Minneapolis. Today, Sweeney has won the most prestigious prizes in the field of hairstyle- NAHA. In 2017 he won the Colorist of the Year award and in 2016 he was awarded for stylist of the year and an avantgarde stylist of the year.

Matt arrives with Gina Wotkins from ARTISTIC DESIGN TEAM L’ANZA as a training stylist.

She is young, talented and in love with her profession. For her hair is a way to create art, and color is her favorite fabric, with which she boldly creates emotional pictures. Quite naturally, Matt and Gina are invited by SFW organizers to bring their “Beauty Without Borders” show on the penultimate festival day on September 28 in the EFE Capital Hall.

The “Beauty without Borders” showcase is for the beautiful flower called “WOMAN” – the blade of our present day and the essence of our future. L`Anza is the luxury brand that sits behind the beauty of NYFW. This fact makes Christian Of Roma a natural partner of fashion because twelve stylists from the team of Alfaparf Bulgaria every day will take care of the impeccable vision of all, between 40 and 80 models that go on the podium during the prestigious fashion event SFW A / W 17. The debut year of the team was brilliant, with the leading role entrusted to Alexander Filipov, a technical specialist from the team of Alfaparf, Bulgaria.

This year he will again lead the stylists. All of them are already preparing for Sofia Fashion Week after the organizers of the biggest fashion event in Bulgaria entrusted the backstage to the top stylists of Alfaparf – a partner of Milano Fashion Week. The forum is held week before the International Beauty and Hairstyle Festival. This year for the first time the fashion event is united with the most attractive hairstyle forum. Immediately after the final day of SFW A / W 17, on September 30th, the International Hair and Fashion Show – Sofia Hair Fashion Show begins on Saturday. Within the prestigious event, renowned coafers from the United States, Italy, Russia, Romania will arrive in Sofia to share their experience and talent with native professionals. On the festival stage we will see the rock star of the American hairstylist Scott Foss from Sexy Hair, the favorite of the Bulgarian audience Sveio Palma from BES, the hairstylists idol – Ruslan Tatianin from Alfaparf, Milan, the hairstylist from Inetrcoiffure Bulgaria Ivan Ganev and Orlin Valyakov and many others. For the first time in Bulgaria will be presented the brand, which cares for hair and beards of men – Mr. Mustache.

The International Hair and Beauty Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary and will take place on 30 September and 1 October in the Marinella Hotel’s EFE Hall. Christian Of Roma will welcome professionals, lovers and temptation from hairstyle art with a special Sexy Hair booth that will be shaped as a movie studio.

The idea is inspired by the partnership of the American brand with the producers of the iconic XIIA teen movie, which premiere will take place on 15 September. Actresses from the film Radina Kurdzhilova, Velislava Kostadinova and Anelia Mangarova will become models of the leading hair trends presented by the top stylists of Sexy Hair, Vladimir Atanasov and Asen Nalbantov. For the joy of the visitors, at the Sexy Hair booth, the young hopes of Bulgarian hairstyle will make demonstrations in all SFW days from the 25th to the 28th of September.


On the occasion of the anniversary edition, the organizers of the International Hair and Beauty Festival – Sofia Hair Fashion Show, Christian Of Roma and Inetrcoiffure Bulgaria, will deliver the first in Bulgaria Hairstyling Oscars. Hairdressers and stylists from across the country will demonstrate their talent and skills, but only in ten categories will be awarded the prestigious statuettes. The “You Are The First” prizes will be awarded to the Alfaparf – Color Factory, Sexy Hair – Express yourself, BES, Green Salon of the Year, YOU for young talent aged 18-28, “Hairstyling Show” of the year, “Fashion stylist. ” During the ceremony, which will take place on Saturday, September 30 at 20.30 in Sofia’s Marinela Hotel’s EFE Hall, Sofia’s Hair Hair Fashion Week will be awarded the Intercoaffure Grand Prix for a contribution to hairdressing art, while Christian of Roma Group will award special statuettes to the best sales representative of the year and the distributor of the year. With each of the commissions being attended by prominent representatives of the industry, the media, the fashion industry and show business, such as Sexy Hair Scott Foss, BES Sveio Palma, Alfaparf’s main colorist for the same category, Matt Sweeney, laureate of the prestigious NAHA hairdressing awards, the publisher of the Italian magazine YOU Marco Petrelli, Maria Georgieva – Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Magazine, Stanimira Yanakieva – Chief stylist of BTV, fashion photographer Kostadin Krastev – Coco, architect Inna Hristova – Expert in the Design and Equipment of Spa Centers, Miss Bulgaria 1998 Natalia Gurkova and many others.

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