Fashion bloggers of Atidora again at SFW

Mira and Dia are the inspiring ladies from the fashion blog Atidora, who will again be Sofia Media Week’s official media partner and fashion bloggers.

The long-time and so cohesive friendship from the kindergarten turns them into absolute soulmates and even provokes them to create a common blog that has become their trademark. “People often tell us that it is precisely that we are two of the Atidora’s one of the most interesting Bulgarian blogs and distinguishes us from everyone else,” said the two friends. In addition to models, Mira and Dia are law graduates who have completed a high school language, they have three languages ​​and specialize in American and Austrian law at the University of Vienna. And fashion ?! Fashion remains their greatest passion! Although their blog is not yet a year, Mira and Dia are already members of the Expert Media Council, which nominates and chooses BG Fashion Icon and the Journalism Jury at the Fashion Academy, which each year nominates the winners of the prestigious Golden Needle Award.

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