Monika Markova with a collection of SFW AW 2018

The Rust collection is inspired by the industrial urban environment – the bare facades of old buildings, their visible metal structures, the predominant gray color. All this is transferred to the individual elements of the garment, from the small details to the cuts and the colors. Designed for the hectic everyday life of the young man, it combines convenience and functionality.

The silhouettes are in a monochrome range, with the so-called “street-style” eclectic layering of clothes. The metal elements are literally brought into the very connection of the individual double-sided pieces of outerwear, as well as in the trousers detail – a free cut with functional pockets attached, perfect for the day-to-day comfort of the city nomad.
Each part of the separate outfit is combined with those of the others, providing the opportunity to create an entirely new harmonic silhouette.

Всяка част на отделния аутфит се съчетава с тези на другите, предоставящи възможност да се създаде изцяло нов хармоничен силует.

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