Myo Couture debutes at Sofia Fashion Week AW 2017

Myo Couture is a luxury brand that was created by mother and daughter Valentina and Joana Dochevi, whose qualities of perfect cut and art come together. Myo’s inspiration began two years ago with the birth of the second princess in their home. This is how was born the first ready-to-wear Myo Kids collection. All dresses are made in their studio in Berlin personally by them. Their brand creates only designer models, with most of the orders being taken and developed online all over the world.

The basis of the conception of the brand is the extraordinary attention to the process. We use mainly cleaned fabrics, which are decorated with appliqués, embroidery or painted elements.

Two years after the creation of the brand comes the first Haute Couture Women collection, including luxury cocktail and bridal dresses. It will be presented at the Sofia Fashion Week Autumn – Winter 2017.

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