Paruchev with a fashion show at SFW AW 2017

Paruchev’s models are tailored to the requirements of the urban, brave and different man who likes to experiment, both in everyday life and in special occasions.

The designer Atanas Parushev never followed the standards, so every collection of his leaves a trace, both in the people who choose his clothes and in the reviews of all fashion editions. Innovative and different, subordinate to his passion for fashion, Atanas Parushev for the first year will show his models on the stage of Sofia Fashion Week with an unforgettable fashion show.

Paruchev’s clothes are made of natural materials and innovative cuts, he always experimented with colors because the Bulgarian man is not a dull man. What’s new is that everything offered by the brand can be tailor-made according to the size of each customer. Your body is a challenge that Paruchev’s team is ready to accept.

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