The first names on Sofia Fashion Week AW 2017

The names of the first part of the designers who will take part in this year’s autumn/winter edition of Sofia Fashion Week are officially announced.

Among the well-known and established top brands on the Bulgarian market, Sofia Fashion Week we will see on Maniac, BERNA MODA, Wolf Walley, Stoyan Radichev and Hristo Chuchev.


Among the visiting world-famous brands, we expect to see MYO Couture for the first time showing their models on the catwalk. The brand’s atelier is located in Berlin, but the designers are Valentina Valentina and Yoanna Dochevi – bulgarians.


After a short absence, Valeria Carlo will appear again on the fashion forum and we expect a lot of surprises. Come and see another amazing show from Bapa Kids and ALL U Re.


In men’s fashion, we can enjoy the Italian brand Carducci and the brand Aggressor with designer Mariana Papalicheva, who recently returned from Kasta Morelly Fashion Week in Romania.

Look forward to more information about the upcoming Sofia Fashion Week AW 2017. And all about the brands and events during the fashion week follow the official website:

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