SFW trough the years

Bulgaria’s top fashion event is held from 2015 until now, twice a year in spring-summer and autumn-winter editions.

For its four editions Sofia Fashion Week has managed to:

– invite world famous guest designers.

– cover in over 45 fashion and lifestyle medias in the country.

– SFW entered the fashion pages of Duxe Magazine Paris, Ufashon and Fashion TV.

– Activities in social media from models, designers and partners of the event.

 – Over 60 fashion brands and designers are participating in the event.

– SFW is attended by over 5,000 guests

– successful B2B activities between Bulgarian and international brands, fashion experts and buyers.

– Each evening is followed by a thematic after-party on the territory of Hotel Marinela.

Sofia Fashion Week is a project that is a loyal partner to its clients because:

– Reaches to a diverse target audience

– Offers and positions the brands and products of their clients and partners in an attractive way

 – It reaches hundreds of thousands of customers through photos in the social medias of the event, which has very well developed digital and online distribution channels


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