The New Art in Wine: Friends Fun Wine on SFW AW 2017

New Art in Wine: Wine with a taste of coffee in a can. An original and innovative drink that combines your favorite daily drink with the most popular evening drink

FRIENDS FUN WINE ™ introduces the world’s first and only COFFEE-WINE ™ in Bulgaria

Everyone needs refreshment and sweet talk with colleagues or friends. “Meet for a coffee? Or maybe a glass of wine for relaxation? “We can not decide… We no longer have to doubt, because now we have the opportunity to enjoy both together in a coffee-wine can thanks to Friends Fun Wine ™.

American beverage producer Friends Beverage Group LLC, who created the new drink, combining for the first time in the history coffee and wine, entered the European market through Bulgaria with its Bulgarian partner, Advance Co.
With Coffee-Wine ™, Friends Beverage Group has begun the launch of a new world-wide “Fun Wine” brand that is being developed under the brand name Friends Fun Wine ™ – The New Lifestyle Drink ™. This is an innovation of traditional wine-based drinks reflected by the new technologies and creative vision.

Friends Fun Wine ™ is a low alcohol (6% Alc / Vol), low calorie (only 75-94 kcal per cup) lightly champigned wine in a convenient, easy-to-carry, 100% recyclable and fast-cooling 250 ml can. The cans have a special interior finish that preserves the taste.

Coffee-Wine ™ offers a new and unique flavor that is hard to describe, it has to be experienced. Coffee-Wine ™ is presented in two variants: red grape variety – Cabernet Espresso and white grape variety – Chardonnay Cappuccino.

The FRIENDS FUN WINE ™ collection is complemented by Moscato Strawberry, Moscato Peach and Red Sangria.

You will be able to taste all of then on Sofia Fashion Week 2017 autumn-winter.

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