Elena Luca will present a jubilee collection for SFW for the first time

With its avantgarde and artistic approach to fashion design, the Macedonian fashion house “Elena Luka” set high standards in the domestic fashion scene, but at the same time made an approximation to the world fashion trends and flows.

As a brand that has been at the very top for a decade, with the jubilee collection “X” (It’s old – it’s new – it’s Elena Luka X years after) it makes a sublimate for an extremely important decade and for the brand as such, but also for the Macedonian fashion scene.

Each of the creations has its unique place in telling the fashion story of “Elena Luka”. From the use of refined materials – such as silk, velvet, most exclusive lace, srma, etc., to cuts that embrace women’s diversity, the fashion house decided to unite all the steps that made this story and brand unique.

With the sign “X” that pervades the collection in various forms, the jubilee is emphasized in which the fashion house is especially proud, since this decade of successful operation is a representation of all the efforts of the fashion brand for a unique, uncompromising fashion design in which individualism is recognized as a handwriting of the artist.

The merger of the new and the old, with a note of avantgarde and luxury that unites all creations, marks the way to the success of the brand in recent years, but also a new beginning in which the individuality will be retained, the specific artistic expression that recognizes the fashion house and the intention to bring the world’s product closer to every woman. This collection is a bridge between what has built the fashion house in the creative sense over the years, but also what is yet to follow and which will surely bring it closer to a new audience and to a new decade woven with recognizable design, art and refinement.

Foto: Elena Pandeva

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