CODE FIT again on the stage of SFW SS 2018

CODE FIT presents its new collection of fashion week in Sofia.

Daniela Todorova is a fashion and sports designer, fitness champion and winner of 27 crowns in beauty contests. As a former gymnast and acrobatic competitor, fitness athlete and model, actively practicing almost all her life, she began to look for a solution to the problem of choosing the perfect sportswear for her. The desire is to meet the high demands both for exceptional quality, functionality and comfort, as well as for unique design and uniqueness. Because nowhere she finds all sorts of requirements in one place, she decides to create her own brand that has all the qualities to be able to win her first as a customer. So in 2015 CODE FIT® is born, a project whose sole purpose is to create a unique design, impeccable vision and maximum comfort for a perfect workout.
Maximal is in everything she does,  without exception to her sporting brand. Her personally closely follows every single stage of production – from the idea of a model, through the development of patterns and designs to the impressions of every client. A prototype of each product first tests itself in its workouts and only if it is absolutely satisfied with it, it only puts it into production.

The collections she develops are limited because she holds the uniqueness of each person. It offers new models often enough to keep the followers’ interest uninterrupted. For its models, it uses exclusively the technology of leading Italian and Spanish manufacturers established in the fabrication of sportswear. Ultra soft, breathable, anti-slip, tightening, fast-drying, they provide complete functionality and comfort for every sporty person. Since environmental protection is among its top priorities, it uses Eco LYCRA® and recycled polyester for most of its models. The collections feature a perfect line, maximum comfort and memorable designs.
For the short time since the sport line is on the market, it has become an indisputable favorite in sports and a favorite brand among sportsmen in over 15 European countries. Only two years after its launch, CODE FIT® has become the favorite name of thousands of sportspeople in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Switzerland, England, Norway, Finland, Sweden, many other countries. With its impeccable quality control and the uniqueness of its designs, it captures the accustomed to high quality Europeans and they fall in love with its models!


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