Magama with avangard show at SFW AW 2018

Hidekazu Hayashi and Ken Yang coming directly from Japan with a cutting-edge hair show for the Bulgarian professional Kadiffe hair dye brand

The two virtuosos of the avant-garde style in hairstyles will present for the first time on the stage of SFW eastern magic spectacularly combined with velvet beauty!

Hidekazu Hayashi is part of the creative team of Sebastian Professional Asia. He began his work with the brand in Japan 35 years ago and to this day he continues to develop, to travel around the world, bringing the inspiration for artistry and discernment expressing his approach to avant-garde and perfectly sculpted hairstyles. On stage will partner his Sebastian Professional colleague Ken Yang. The show in typical Japanese style will show the fine and detailed hairstyle of the 6 models in a variety of bizarre shapes for which the products of the Bulgarian professional hair dye Kadiffe have been successfully used.

The KADIFFE line contains 6 limited products that guarantee a luxurious and unique experience in caring for your hair. The focus is on the new KADIFFE hair dye, favored by more and more hairdressers and their customers. The paint is low ammonia, enriched with 100% argan oil, making it suitable for customers with more sensitive scalp, chemotherapy, and pregnant. The richness of the 91-color dye allows countless combinations that can satisfy even the most discerning customers. The line also offers a nourishing shampoo for dry, dehydrated and damaged hair, which in combination with the argan therapy from the luxurious KADIFFE series can restore even the driest hair with just a few applications. This is due to the rich composition of products that contain in itself a priceless liquid gold, namely 100% cold-pressed argan oil. For complete refreshment of the hair and scalp, the line offers Ice-Cool shampoo, which contains a mint element that refreshes and stimulates the scalp, prevents hair loss, leaves the hair soft, vibrant and shiny.

In October the KADIFFE color collection will tempt us with something  sweet. The new 9 colors with coffee aroma will offer us natural and tender chocolate shades that every lady can enjoy. KADIFFE Chocolate will be the gentle temptation in the autumn! Try it!


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