Unbelievable hairstyle mapping show debuted at the stage of SFW SS 2018

ChRevolution was created specifically for the 25th anniversary of Christian of Rome

For 25 years of Christian of Roma, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a one-of-a-kind hairdressing show made for the FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD!

On March 30, at 19.30, expect a breathtaking show that will tell the EVOLUTION to the REVOLUTION in Bulgaria! Past, Present, and Future merge into one to unite an era in Bulgaria. The Era of BEAUTY! The beauty we created together creates and we will continue to create! See the metamorphosis of 4 beauties and 4 brands “Alfaparf”, “BES”, “OWay” and “Sexy Hair”. Do not miss the culmination with the starry participation of Zlatka Dimitrova and L’ANZA!

A show that unites a fairy of gentleness, classical sophistication, the power of youth, the rebellion of our times, and the beauty of unification.


When love broke out of the souls and hundreds of hearts pounded in one, ChRevolution was born! The magic of a great love!
Art Director and Dress Designer – Maurizio Pirolo
Chief Stylist – Conda Kondov
Winner – Borislav Sokolov – Bonnie
Organizer – Global Event Group – Lightwork



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