The New Bulgarian brand Amari for the first time on the stage of SFW SS 2018

“Luxury is a state of mind and a sensory experience.”


I have always tried to follow a basic principle in my life: The best or nothing! I believe heat is unavoidable when you create with love, give the maximum of yourself and work with the best professionals in every field. With my new AMARI® fashion brand, I’ve always tried to keep everything high. From my stylish, elegant silhouettes and feminine lines to the attractive designer prints and impeccable make-up of the models. A final touch to the classical AMARI® vision adds exquisite handmade jewels designed specifically for each of my models.

It was not by accident that I chose the face of AMARI®, which was recognized for Miss Bulgaria all the time, the incredible Natalia Gurkova. A woman with a queen! Symbol of class, style and sophistication! Not only a brilliant model, but an extraordinary personality that inspired my model life and presented them remarkably.
I believe that my fashion brand AMARI® will follow the success of CODE FIT® and will become the new favorite brand of all exquisite ladies not only in Bulgaria but also worldwide! “


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