SFW SS 2018 ENDED With EXCLUSIVE AND GLAMOROUS FASHION SHOWS                               

With a unique mapping show dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Christian of Roma began the last night of Sofia Fashion Week SS 2018

ChRevolution has brought us into an exciting journey into the world of beauty. Hairdresser Conda Kondov and the best stylists in front of the audience transformed the star winner of the title Miss Playmate 2009 and Miss Playmate All stars, Zlatka Dimitrova. The only one of a kind hairdressing show that tells about the EVOLUTION of the REVOLUTION in Bulgaria!

Past, Present, and Future that merge into one to unite in one age. THESE OF BEAUTY! Which we created for 25 years, we create and continue to create the motto of the Italian brand Christian of Roma. 4 beauties and 4 brands “Alfaparf”, “BES”, “OWay” and “Sexy Hair”. The viewers of the only fashion forum in Bulgaria saw a spectacle of fairy and tenderness, classical sophistication and eternal beauty that united all ages.

Art Director and Dress Designer – Maurizio Pirolo, the main stylist – Konda Kondov, and the makeup artist Borislav Sokolov – Bonnie created a breathtaking performance at the Marinella Hotel’s EFE Hall.

The gala of the sixth edition of Sofia Fashion Week SS 2018 opened the talented designer Ivan Donev. With numerous successes on the international fashion scene, he is the recipient of authoritative foreign awards. Already in 2012 he made his design debut at Alta Roma in Rome where he graduated from the famous Coeffie Academy. One year later, at the turn of the year, Alta Roma redefined a collage collection and was awarded the WORLD OF FASHION prize. Ivan Donev is the first Bulgarian designer in the calendar of the Roman Seminar of Fashion. His collection is honored with Certi Lux, which is a guarantee of innovation, uniqueness and quality. On the stage of Sofia Fashion Week SS 2018 he presented a collection showing his creative path for his five-year design career.

The models of the Visages Model Group conquered the fashion audience with dresses of silk French shantung, lace, melange-devoir and chiffon. The designer presented a model inspired by BOTTELLE’S THREE GRACES, two dresses inspired by the black swan and the peacock, as well as a 200-meter fine-sleeved dress that pulled a 6,000-foot audience at the Royal Albert Hall Royal Theater in London

The Bulgarian audience also became the witness of the unique collection “Bridge between Cultures”, inspired by the Doha Art Museum, Qatar. With it, he showed an ancient culture in an innovative and modern way in a European style. Apart from the podiums, Ivan Donev’s talent is also in the aula of universities and galleries around the world where he teaches fiber properties and fashion history and leads motivational lectures that serve as examples for many students.

The first lady of the Premier Fashion in Bulgaria – Sofia Borisova again showed an impressive and fascinating fashion line. The latest fashion collection “Fashion diffusion” comes directly from the fashion capital of Paris, where it was presented to 1,200 people in the Paris fashion week. The Sofia Fashion Week SS 2018 has become a spring fair of gentle and beautiful dresses. In the palette of colors, the designer staked on pale pink and green, yellow and classic black. Short and long dresses combined with tulle, silk and gentle lace shone on the stage of the fashion event. In search of challenges, the talented and creative designer Sofia Borisova will present her latest collection “Diffusione de la Rosa” on May 22 in Vienna. Her Haute couturé models are artworks with which every time conquers the audience.

Singer Esil Duran once again showed fashion is her passion. For the first time on stage Sofia Fashion Week SS 2018 became hot red. The limited clothing series that saw the audience at the fashion forum was provoked by the Great Gatsby movie. Feather feathers and hand-embroidered stones, up-to-date overalls with sexy busts were part of the luxuriously-sold collection of Essil Duran.

The gala evening, celebrating the uniqueness, style, the fairy of expensive and beautiful clothes, ended with the haute couture collection of Evgenia Borissova.

The talented designer presented very bold design solutions inspired by the majestic female depth and essence. The collection is inspired by the Arab world with a lot of nobility, volumes, and rich in crystals and beads. In most models, extraordinary manual work is built. The latest model, which closed the fashion week in Sofia, made the audience hold their breath – the bridal dress of Evgenia Borisova, presented by Velina Uzunova, filled the whole scene with its jealousy and beauty. The majestic and brilliant dress was the last touch to the most successful edition of Sofia Fashion Week SS 2018. Fashion is an art that gathers and inspires for four evenings 35 Bulgarian and world designers showed the latest for the spring-summer 2018 season. The crowded halls were proof of the great interest in the fashion event. The business lady Marinela Arabadzhieva gave her a chance for fashion in Bulgaria for another year.

For the fourth night, Sofia Fashion Week SS 2018 -Garanti Koza’s general partner, in the presence of the charming leaders Boryana Batasova and Teodor Todorov-Theo, awarded the lucky winner of a ticket for two for ATP in London in November. The sponsor covers travel and accommodation costs in a luxury hotel, as well as VIP tournament tickets.
At the end of the stage, all teams on the organization of the big event greeted and congratulated his patron Mrs. Marinela Arabadzhieva, which raised the mood in the hall and escalated into an unforgettable afternoon party with DJ Ahmet KILIC and all the models involved in the glamorous reviews.
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