Sofia Borisova is coming from Paris with her new collection “Fashion Diffusion” for SFW SS 2018

A month ago, the First Lady of the haute couture Fashion in Bulgaria, as Sofia Borisova is called- marked 25 years since the creation of the most fashionable brand in Bulgaria

At the Gala show, here in the Marinella Hotel, the three-time winner of “Golden Needle” presented to its defense audience its latest creations – “Fashion diffusion” collection. Days later the same was presented to 1,200 people in the fashionable capital of Paris, within the Paris fashion week. In Unesco’s No. 1 hall, the designer won the audience’s cheers and hearts and the admiration of world fashion bloggers. The famous high fashion boutiques, fascinated by the models, made their offers for working with the popular Bulgarian designer.
Sofia Borisova’s dress is also on the red carpet of the prestigious 22nd Los Angeles Film Awards as well as the BAFTA – London awards, carried by the world famous Italian star, Ticiana Roca.
In search of challenges, the talented and creative designer Sofia Borisova does not stop here. On May 22 in Vienna, she is preparing an impressive Diffusione de la Rosa collection, which will surely win her more admirers among the connoisseurs of Haute couture the artwork, which is undoubtedly her outfits!
The music that the models will be defiling tonight is the work of JTI studio Plovdiv.

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