Style, sophistication, class, impressive elegance were presented by the Bulgarian designers during the second evening of the fashion week in EFE Hall of Hotel Marinella. The fashion show began with passionate dance and breathtaking acrobatic numbers of Megami ballet.

The designer Hristo Chuchev first showed his unique wedding collection of haute couture in the evening. The Tsveti Razlojkaa model defines a bridal dress outlining the female silhouette, combined with high quality lace and elegantly falling fringes. For more than ten years, Hristo Chuchev has created designer models with characteristic eagerness, lightness in volume, comfort and comfort. Precision handmade and unique details are his trademark. On the stage of Sofia Fashion Week SS 2018 he showed that the beautiful dress is like the woman, requires special attitude, attention and tenderness.

Young designer Berna Shaban turned the scene into a white wedding fairy tale of wedding dresses.  Twenty exquisite models, each different and unique combined with pastel embroidery and white lace, filled with gentleness and femininity, fascinates the audience of the fashion event. The BERNA MODA collection “Starlight” demonstrates a starry brilliance and impressive beauty.

Provocative, as always, designer Mariana Papalicheva from fashion house AGRESSOR broke the delicate white line of bridal dresses with a brave men’s collection. The scene was captured by black men who presented models for the confident and free man.

Be Queen Fashion House brought the bridal dress back to the podium with plenty of silhouettes, colors and fabrics. For the second year the brand participated in Sofia Fashion Week SS 2018 with its own collection of collections called “Tulips”. Be Queen Fashion House has introduced up-to-date Haute Couture trends in bridal dresses. The designer Boryana Gancheva has staked on warm shades like cappuccino, caramel and tea rose. Be Queen’s handwriting stands out in the use of different types of floral lace, feminine and classic lines. Mark’s review was closed by Miss Bulgaria’s winner Gabriela Vassileva with Princess dress in caramel blanched with lace and roses lace.

The quirky world of female seduction shows Princess Fashion Studio at the prestigious fashion podium. In the spring-summer collection for 2018, they staked on a variety of luxurious fabrics and original design, for the sake of emphasized femininity and beauty. The models in their collection “Fairy by Princess Fashion Studio” show grace, personality, elegance and a dose of artistic spirit. Complicated embroidery, fine lace, sequins and floral 3D motifs that will be leading in the new season were presented by designers Sonya Atanasova and Silvana Danailova.

Kalina Paskaleva walked on the podium with a charming bridal dress from the collection of Princess Fashion Studio. The class in the models lies in the fine laces, the rich ethereal decoration with inlaid crystals, pearls, ostrich feathers and 3D flowers applications.

The culmination of the evening was the extravagant collection of the designer Stoyan Radichev. Feminine, stylish, courageous, provocative, it is possible to determine his participation on the scene of the sixth edition of Sofia Fashion Week SS 2018. The impressive models from his latest collection “Escape” conquered the fashion scene. The end of the bridal feast put on the unique work-luminous bridal dress, which was presented by the fashion model and fashion model of Code Fashion TV -Velina Uzunova.

The Bulgarian brand BANDEROL has bet on the male elegance and callasian radiance. The costume in their new collection is the “slim fit” and the vests, which are a colorful accent to the vision of every young gentleman. The design team also thought about the accessories, a handbag in combination with a bag for the jacket, and why not a beautiful orchid like a buttonhole were part of their suggestions.

For the first time on the stage of Sofia Fashion Week SS 2018 two new BLINK and LUSSO brands presented their new collections.


The new face of femininity with the “Womanity” collection was shown by the designer Radi Lazarova. Inspired by the independent, daring and provocative contemporary women’s models, they presented an exciting, dynamic and modern vision. Extremely artistic and exquisite, filled with high quality hand-crafted lace, ethereal and delicate fabrics – tulle and silk, 3D floral motifs feathers, crystals, pearls, beads ; current color combinations make the collection a limited series for each woman.
After the ladies’ fashion temptations, designer Petrohan Guevich impressed the audience with stylish and elegant men’s suits made of high quality fabrics. Brandud LUSSO conquered the male world with up-to-date colors and classic cuts.

The high fashion night ended with the luxury Bulgarian brand CAVIAR HAUTE COUTURE. Fully specialized in the production of haute couture clothing, the designer Desislava Tosheva presented unique dresses impressive with style, luxury and class. Each model is made of luxury fabrics, specially supplied by Morocco, Italy and Paris. Impeccable cuts are a guarantee of perfection.
For the second night, Sofia Fashion Week SS 2018 General Manager – Garanty Goat rewarded the lucky winner of a ticket for two for ATP in London for November. The sponsor covers travel and accommodation costs in a luxury hotel, as well as VIP tournament tickets. Every guest of the fashion event has the real chance to be one of the winners.
Sofia Fashion Week SS 2018 continues today 29 March / Thursday, again in EFE Hall of the Marinella Hotel with collections of guest designers worldwide.
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